High Rise Jug, Clear

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750 ml

A stylish and functional glass decanter

The pure aestheticism of the High Rise Ichendorf water jug offers a trendy and stylish touch to the tableware. Transparent and sober, it goes perfectly with all types of decoration.Practicality and functionality are also its key words. The top of the decanter represents exactly the same water glass as the High Rise range. This ingenious shape offers the possibility of stacking the glasses on the designer water jug. Very practical to store, it saves a lot of space on a table or work surface.Ichendorf created this emblematic shape of the container and the water glass by connecting 2 conical volumes. This connection area makes it easy to grasp the High Rise decanter.Its 0.75 litre capacity allows you to use it in a water jug or for serving fruit juices. It will also be highly appreciated by wine lovers who will be able to use it for decanting. Made of borosilicate glass, this very resistant decanter will accompany you in all your daily meals.Combine this designer decanter with glasses from the same collection for a pure and stylish water service!