Amaryllis Moss Flower Bulb

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No Watering, No Planting Amaryllis Bulbs

    • These bulbs have all the energy and water in them to complete the blooming cycle

    • The bulbs are activated by temperatures of 70F or more. The higher the temperature, the faster the blooming

    • If the bulbs are showing any greenery, they should have the first open flowers in 4-6 weeks. If they are still dormant, they should have the first open flowers in 6-8 weeks

    • Light isn’t necessary for blooming but is important for photosynthesis (making the stalks and leaves green). This will naturally happen in natural or synthetic light

    • As the bulbs bloom, the water moves from the bulb into the stalks and flowers, making the bulbs top-heavy. As they bloom, they may require more support to be steady. Also, bulbs should be rotated to promote straight growth, if their light source comes from one direction

  • These bulbs have a minimum of 2 stalks and the majority have 3-4 blooming stalks, with a total bloom cycle of 10-14 weeks