Ginori Granduca Coreana Flowers

Fine porcelain is brought to life by the celebrated "alla Coreana" or Korean style pattern, which features the Peonia and was inspired by the fondness that Florentine noblewomen once harbored for layering and the decorative patterns of imperial kimonos. Pure gold threading, a hallmark of the Florentine Manifattura, enriches the design as it traces and accentuates the contours of the classic Antico Doccia shape. It complements the service alongside a teapot, sugar bowl, milk pitcher and dessert plates, for the enjoyment of relaxing moments, alone or in good company, immersed in the unmistakable atmospheres of Ginori 1735. Tradition and design, Italian craftsmanship and fascination with the Orient: Granduca Coreana recounts an important chapter in the Manifattura's history through each element of the collection, which is available in a complete range of tableware.
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