L’AVANT Candle

Our newest addition to our home fragrance category! Welcome Blushed Bergamot Candle! Made of a soy and coconut blend, our candles are made without paraffins, phthalates, and parabens. Experience the luxurious scents of bergamot, orange blossom, amber, and cedar with our new Blushed Bergamot scent. The subtle scent offers a sexy citrus aroma with an earthy back note edge. Each candle arrives individually boxed in our chic L’AVANT packaging, making them perfect for gift giving!
Made of a sustainable and natural soy and coconut blend, our candles are non-toxic and paraffin, phthalate, and paraben free. Grace any room in your home with our Fresh Linen signature scent made of delicate notes of ylang-ylang and bamboo mingle with pure essential oils of soothing lavender and geranium.


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