Mind Over Batter cookbook

Don’t let a bad mood get the best of you—bake it out. Licensed psychotherapist and baking master Jack Hazan has a sweet take on self-care: Using your kitchen as a tool to enhance mindfulness, let go of frustration, and whip up some delicious treats in the process.

  • Inspired by the Middle Eastern recipes Jack grew up on, these 75 baked goods and American desserts are yours to discover, including Devil’s Food Mug Cake, Chocolate Babka Crunch, and Pesto Pull-Apart Bread.
  • Recipes are divided into seven sections themed around therapy topics: Self-Care, Mindfulness, Finding Comfort, Dealing with Stress and Anxiety, Letting Go of Frustration, Connecting With Others, and Finding Joy.
  • Jack includes positive affirmations, baking tips, and advice throughout each recipe.
  • Exercises in every chapter connect baking processes to evidence-based therapy tools used in Jack’s practice.
  • Please note: There are some things baking can’t fix that a licensed professional can help with. If you are in need, please find a therapist to speak to. Baking and this book are not meant to replace actual therapy.
  • Printed in China.