Sierra Modern Vento Ice Bucket Gold

Everyone needs an ice bucket, and our luminous Beatriz Ball SIERRA MODERN Vento Ice Bucket (Gold) is sure to become a favorite. Based on the bestselling VENTO Ice Bucket, use it to serve ice, or to chill sparkling wines or other favorite bottled beverages. Our fresh update of an iconic design features a surface made unique and new with a proprietary SIERRA MODERN gold-tone metallic finish. The piece brings a sense of luxe to any environment--including your store. Food- and dishwasher-safe, decorative, and perfect for serving, the piece adds a modern new dimension to Beatriz Ball’s award-winning designs. Beatriz Ball’s intensely handmade products use eco-friendly and sustainable materials and are crafted by artisans who trace a heritage of metalworking for generations. Made of a top quality, food safe, easy-care friendly aluminum alloy.
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